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A phenomenon that shapes the image of a product, service, business or person. It communicates what the product or the company respects, values and practices. It affects our attitudes. Brand allows the consumer to form a mental picture of the company's reliability, quality and attractiveness. Brands are formed consciously or subconsciously. In many sectors, brands are a company's most valuable asset that differentiate the company from its competitors.

Brand language

A new concept to describe the fact that an organization's use of language can and should modify the image of the company. For example Apple use the word “apps” to describe downloadable applications from the Internet whereas Nokia use the word “applications”.


Digital rights management (DRM) can be used to control ebook rights. Rights to a piece of work may be notified in context, in the user's guide or in other user information.

Our ebooks are protected using Adobe proprietary technology. Utilising this the distribution of ebooks via the Internet can be limited to those who have rights to the material. In practice the issue concerns the illegal use and distribution of ebooks and control of this use utilising the latest technology.


ebook (ebook, eBook) is the digital equivalent of a traditional printed book. We mean a digital document in Adobe PDF file format. ebooks in this form can be easily read with Adobe Digital Editions software.

The PDF format Adobe created is a standardized format to store, edit and print ebooks. Since the PDF format makes reading books and printing easy, and the software is available on multiple computers and operating systems, it has become very common on the Internet.


An image file format, which is compatible across multiple operating systems and in many customer operating conditions.

Target group

A limited group of users whose needs may lead to the design of a product or service. The target group is defined by its’ way of life, values, interests, socio-economic characteristics and so on.


A new product or a service presented to the market.

Download ticket

A download ticket is a download service that allows a reader to download an ebook to their computer instead of going to a shop and purchasing it. In practice, the ticket is a link sent by email that the reader clicks, and then the download begins.

The download ticket provides the right to download one ebook (1 download ticket = 1 download right).

Speech synthesis

Speech synthesis means changing the text to speech.

Visual identity

Defines how the enterprise appears visually, how the name of the business and logo will be used in web pages and brochures, in presentations and in other contexts. Visual identity is typically managed through a set of visual identity guidelines.

Company image

Means the overall image of the company, the entire company's brand. Corporate image is appropriate and effective when it creates a unified vision for all parties involved, when the owners of the company and the customers are able or willing to see the company in the same way. The company image is formed around the company’s operations, product and marketing communications. The company's story, slogan and logo are a central means of communicating the corporate image.


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