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What are OHW?

OHW = One-Hour Words. One-Hour Words glossaries are miniature dictionaries containing collections of important information in a fun and easy to read format. The glossaries can be read in an hour, but we believe the reader will come back to examine the interesting content many times, maybe for years to come. In addition to the informative and trustworthy contents advertisements and advertisers form an essential part of the On-Hour Words series. The content is produced without focussing on commercials, making it an excellent advertising medium. The readers focus on the stimulating content and at the same time see specifically targeted advertisements.

How do I read an ebook?

To start with you need an ebook reading programme. That's a computer programme that enables you to read ebooks on your computer. You can read ebooks using Adobe Digital Edition reading programme.

Once you have installed the software on your computer you can then download our free glossaries from our web pages at OHW-publications. The books will open directly in the ebook reading programme.

I can't see my ebook, what's the problem?

Visit our help page

Can I print OHW glossaries?

Printing the e-version of OHW glossaries is prohibited due to copyright laws. However, if you would like to order a paperback version of the glossary, just contact us.


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Printed One-Hour Word Dictionaries are distributed at various events, hotels and restaurants. If you would like further information about the dictionaries, just click here.