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Lingsoft Inc.'s creative concept One-Hour Words” has won the Foundation for New Technology Edelcrantz Challenge Innovation Award. The innovation competition theme of the year was "Novel technical solutions to improve access to cultural services". The winner of the award was chosen by Turku School of Economics Director Tapio Reponen from amongst the highest ranking competitors. The prize amounted to a sum of 10,000 euros.

One-Hour Words is a platform that combines content with integrated marketing, and also publication in printed and electronic formats. In this concept the same content can be published as a small printed glossary, an ebook for download via the Internet, and for mobile phones as a so called m-book. Additionally Lingsoft can swiftly produce an audio-book utilising synthesized speech, from the same content.

One-Hour Words is an economic channel for delivering both information and marketing. The compact glossary is in an easy to read format making the information accessible and fun to read encouraging the reader to return to the text and read more later. The way that the advertisements appear in both the printed and electronic publications combined with good maintainability and distribution opportunities make an interesting proposition for advertisers.

The concept has already been used for example, at the Mikael Agricola celebration (the father of written Finnish language) in 2007, to increase interest and appreciation in the public at large, especially amongst young people. This fall, Lingsoft has published a One-Hour Words title Turku tunnissa (Turku in One Hour) aimed at promoting and providing a guide and insight into the cultural identity of the people and city of Turku.

Lingsoft Inc.

Lingsoft is an international full-service language company. The company produces customer services and solutions for example in: translation and terminology, reading and writing tools, search services, text mining, educational programmes, speech applications and ebooks. Lingsoft's products work on all common platforms and software. Lingsoft produces among other things: Seven of the Microsoft Office's language proofing components. Lingsoft's solutions come from a continual process of self-development, already setting a world standard in language structural analysis. www.lingsoft.fi

For further information:

Lingsoft Inc. Juhani Reiman, Chief Executive Officer, Tel. 045 670 6770


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