The Ministry of Defence and Lingsoft Ltd. will publish a revised edition of the glossary “Defence of Finland in One Hour” – now also in English

Valitse kieli 

Helsinki, 27.09.12

Now you can also grasp “Defence of Finland in One Hour” in English

The Ministry of Defence will publish a revised edition of the multi-channel glossary "Defence of Finland in One Hour", which is now published in English together with the Finnish and Swedish editions. The glossary will be released at the Security and Defence 2012 Fair, which is held in Lahti from 27 to 19 September 2012.

The Defence of Finland in One Hour booklet is a straightforward information brochure for quick reading to learn about the defence of Finland, its structure, its operators and the concepts used. The glossary was made in cooperation with experts from the Ministry of Defence. The objective is to introduce the changing national and international concepts of defence policy to political decision-makers and aficionados and the public. It can be carried in your pocket or your bag, and you can download it on your phone, read an electronic e-book version or listen to an audio book version.

The multi-channel glossary is a booklet jointly published by the Ministry of Defence and Lingsoft. It was first released before the parliamentary elections in the spring of 2011. The glossary is part of Lingsoft’s One-Hour Words publication series.

One-Hour Words

The idea of Lingsoft’s multi-channel One-Hour Words publication series is to choose a subject and to summarise its essential information in glossary format. The final product resembles a traditional encyclopaedia, but each One-Hour Words glossary can be read in an hour.

Award-winning innovation of integrated marketing

Glossaries in One-Hour Words series are published via four different channels. In addition to the traditional paper version, you can explore One-Hour Words glossaries by downloading a mobile application or an electronic e-book on the Internet or by listening to an audio book in synthetic speech. In 2008, the Foundation for New Technology granted its Innovation Award to Lingsoft’s One-Hour Words concept, in which new technology is combined with a new type of integrated marketing.

Juhani Reiman
Managing Director
Lingsoft Ltd.
Phone (02) 2793 300

Jyrki Iivonen
Director for Public Policy
Ministry of Defence
Tel. (09) 1608 8200

As one of the Ministries of the Finnish Government and a leading authority in the area of national defence, the Ministry of Defence is in charge of national defence policy, national security, and international cooperation in defence policy matters.


Lingsoft is an international, full-service language company. It supplies services and solutions that include translations, terminologies, proofing tools, search services, text-mining tools, teaching applications, speech recognition services, and eBooks. For example, Lingsoft delivers the proofing tools for the Microsoft Office product family in seven languages. Lingsoft’s products function in all general operating environments and software. Developed by the company itself, Lingsoft’s solutions are based on its language structure analysis, which has become a global standard.



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