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This page is for general problems which may be related to downloading ebooks.

The reading programme is not installed

Reading ebooks requires Adobe Digital Editions to be installed on your computer.

Adobe software out of date or incorrect version

Ellibs recommends using Adobe Digital Editions reading programme for reading ebooks. If downloading an ebook does not work. You can download the reader from:

Operating system and requirements

The service requires a compatible operating system for the reading software. At this moment Adobe Digital Editions can be downloaded for Windows and OS X operating systems. There is currently no Adobe Digital Editions version for Linux.

Unknown file type (URLLINK.acsm)

To download an ebook click on the URLLink.acsm file link you have received in the reading programme. In some cases it is possible that your computer indicates that the file type is unknown and that the reading software is unable to open the file. In this case the file type needs to be changed in accordance with Adobe Digital Editions. The easiest solution for this is to install the reading programme again on your computer. It is however possible to open the file within the reading programme manually.

Firewall or proxy server restricts ebook or software use

In some cases the user's firewall or proxy server may limit access to the service. The reading software connection must be permitted to send outward messages in order to activate ebooks. Previously blocked or restricted access must be allowed manually if for example the reading software refuses to load.


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