Content Combined With Advertising and Multi-Channel Delivery

Valitse kieli 

Lingsoft's One-Hour Words concept is a totally new advertising medium. It consists of an instructive and entertaining glossary and multi-channel content delivery platform. The glossaries contain from 150 to 300 words on a particular topic into which you can place advertisements. In this way the advertisements can be linked to the contents of the glossary. It is because of the contents that people read and save the glossaries. Due to this you can swiftly reach your target audience. The concept is customisable so you can reach precisely the target group that you want to.

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The glossaries are published in four different formats. In addition to the printed glossary you can also read the material in electronic form as an ebook, m-book, or listen to it as an audio-book. When ordering advertising space in the printed glossary you will gain added visibility through the additional channels. Due to the format of the glossary there is limited advertising space in the publication.

This is for the same reason that newspaper content is not planned around advertisements. The readers focus on the stimulating content and at the same time see specifically targeted advertisements. The quality content supports both itself and the advertiser's brand and image.


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