One-Hour Words Glossary Purjehdus tunnissa (Sailing in One Hour) Well Received at Helsinki Boat Show 09

Valitse kieli 

Helsinki 13.2.2009

Lingsoft's multichannel Purjehdus tunnissa (Sailing in One Hour) glossary released at the Helsinki Boat Show 6.2.2009. 20, 000 copies of the glossary were distributed mainly at stands for newcomers to boating amongst other material targeted at beginning enthusiasts. Throughout the show the boating glossary was a clear favourite at the newcomer stands. In addition to newcomers the glossary also attracted experienced and active sailors and motor boat enthusiasts alike. As well as the booklet version there are guidelines on how to go to Lingsoft's web portal and download the mobile phone version, read the ebook on your computer or download and listen to the audio book.

The Sailing in an Hour Glossary opens boating terminology secrets and provides other general knowledge and lively facts about boating and sailing. The text is lively and brisk and even the smallest details are explained concisely and well. The booklet gives the reader a concentrated dose of seafarer credibility, said boating industry expert journalist Kari Hermola.

Many of the exhibitors, including among others, the Finnish Sailing and Boating Association took copies of the glossaries for distribution at their own stands. The Sailing in an Hour glossary was to be found in the hands of every school party. During the second exhibition weekend the glossary was also handed out by distributors. This provides excellent visibility at trade fairs for both the concept itself and for the marketing of the glossary.

The Purjehdus tunnissa (Sailing in One Hour) glossary was a clear hit. This kind of handy glossary is clearly needed and it opens up the mysterious world of sailing to landlubbers as well. The glossary won't make a sailor out of the reader but you will get a good start. The guide book received an excellent reception both from the visitors and organisers of the boat show. The visitors delighted in getting something really useful, free and concise." Commented Exhibition Group Manager Håkan Löfgren.

The Purjehdus tunnissa (Sailing in One Hour) glossary will be distributed next at the Turku Exhibition Centre 13 - 15.3. The sea is calling.

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